Look amazing!! Feel amazing!! Brighten up your smile with Lovelite teeth whitening gels.

Cosmetic teeth whitening products to aid you in enhancing your smile and making you feel more confident.


Teeth Whitening

* Lovelite teeth whitening is one of the uk's leading cosmetic whitening products.

* Lovelite has over 23 years of experience in teeth whitening.

* Some gels contain a maximum of 0.01% peroxide.

* Non -invasive with little or no sensitivity.

* The whitening gel breaks down and removes the stains that have built up on your teeth.

* Using the lovelite led lamp along side the gel will enhance and speed up the results.

* Easy to use home care kits can also be used without the using the lovelite led lamp.

* Small portable led mouth lights can be used to help enhance teeth whitening at home or on the move.

* One full treatment takes about 60 minutes

* Three sessions = one treatment

Available Teeth Whitening Kits
* Brand new* illuminate gel kit =5 sessions

* Coco Blanco natural whitening gel kit =5 sessions

* Sparkle and frost+ gel kits =2 treatments

* Sparkle and frost+ pre filled gum shield kits =1 full treatment

* Sun bed kit

* Standard aftercare kit

* Dual foam aftercare kit

* Premium aftercare kit

* Mini led light to enhance teeth whitening

* Kits available to use at our residential property with the use of our led lamps or

* Teeth whitening/aftercare kits available for use at your home also.

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